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I eat 2 big meals a day, lunch and dinner, but I snack all day.

Daily routine: get up, grab a thing of crackers, cinnamon roll, apple sauce. Eat that. That's gone in about 30 minutes. after that I'll snack on chips, pretzels, or something. Then I don't eat until lunch. That's usually two hamburgers/12 nuggets/regular size quiznos sub, fries/chips and a medium sized coke. After that I always try to eat some fruit, usually an apple and some yogurt and nuts. When I get home, I'll cook some mashed potatos or heat me up some chicken nuggets with a side of macaroni and corn. After an hour I'll grab me some chips or a cheese stick or cook some bacon or something and eat that. Ad for dinner, my mom cooks full course meals (I'm living at ho since college isn't very far) and that can be anything from tacos, to take out chinese/mexican, to bbq chicken, to steak, to anything. We always have a meat and two sides and a roll, unless she's making pasta.

That's usually what an entire day is like for me just about, if that helps anyone~

I really like sharp cheddar, American, and mozzarella cheese.

Also I'e gotten to where, when I eat apples (fugi or gala since I'm not a granny apple fan) I make a caramel dip using brown sugar and cream cheese. (8 oz cream cheese, 1 cup brown sugar).

Like I said, it's not that I don't eat, lunch and dinner my two large meals, and then throughout most of the day I snack on anything I can get my hands on that isn't chocolate. It can be anything from ice cream to literally a spoon of peanut butter. I'll eat bacon, sometimes I'll make an omelette, or I'll eat 3 pears. I can go through 12 chicken nuggets and still be hungry, as well as two cans of chicken noodle/potato soup without a problem...

At school I do walk a lot, usually about a mile a day, and t work I stand for 6 hours, but even then I'm snacking (at work).

Would eating more red meat than white meat help? I'm not a huge fan of milk, I grew out of that when I was but 8 years old, I prefer cheese and yogurt. I've never really tried cottage cheese before, but I'm willing to give it a shot~. Peanut butter and I get along real I'm DEFINITELY willing to go with that~.

I've never had a protein shake either, but I'll definitely keep that in mind and try to work out a bit more.

I really appreciate the help guys, it doesn't seem like it can be a problem, but when you loose the little weight you're trying to maintain it can really be least for me it can be. I'm thankful for a fast metabolism, but I would like a bit of consistency, you know? ;;
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