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I hope I'm able to get the same quality as that german pair that amazing work.

slight update from me I've started work on the mask as I wait for my helmet to arrive from Western Australia.

this is the mask I've picked to use:

of course I've realized I won't be able to make this omelet without breaking eggs.
the now gutted mask:

*so after receiving the mask in the post I found it to have a drinking attachment so I've had to cut it out, I've also removed the bracket and internal components to clear the internal airways to make berating easier and to allow for an external frame and leather to be applied aswell as exterior eye pieces to fit in with my reference material. I'll be heading out tomorrow to fit up a fitting to attach the over the shoulder and knock up the frame to cover the mask aswell.

to date the mask looks like this when worn:

and from the inside:

but that's my news so far, looking forward to completing the mask over the next week or so depending on events regarding uni.
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