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Reference Sheets: (VOCALOID) Project DIVA 2nd (part 5)

School Jersey

This costume is made up of a school uniform, necktie and jersey. The maroon jersey is so bulky and unfashionable that it becomes cool again.

Check! - Accessory Point

Use your props to give yourself the feel of a sloppy schoolboy. The necktie is loose and slung over one shoulder while the back of his tattered school shoes have been worn down from being stood on.

Assymetry R and Assymetry L

Kagamine Rin and Len share a set of Winter/Autumn costumes. The shirts and vests are cut in calm, nuetral colors. Rin and Len's set costumes share the same headsets and vests only. Both the boots and neckties have subtle differences.

Cheerful Candy

This costume was made to match Hatsune Miku's module "Colorful Drop". The cute dress is in her image color: yellow.

Megurine Luka - Hana (Flower)

This sexy Japanese-style costume gives us an ever so slight peek into Luka's cleavage. Her hair ornament isn't the only rose accent, her obi is also decorated with the flowers.


This outfit was designed to evoke an old-fashioned lady who'd look nice with a parasol. The color palatte is composed solely of blues and whites, so the outfit is quite refreshing to look at.

Check! - Blue Stripes

Her dress, collar and hat all have blue and white stripes, so watch out to align them to match the references. The sleeves puff out so if you make the lines a bit fatter, the image is a bit rounder.


Student-style KAITO is transformed into a glasses fetish poster-boy. His sleeves are folded back into cuffs and held closed with buttons. Details like this make all the difference.

(continued in the next post)
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