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So...I just got on the scale...and I'm at at 97.7 lbs...where as, when I weighed myself to post this thread...I was flat the crap did I lose 2.3 lbs? D: con is on September 17, and I'm going to be walking a LOT. 95 is my 'not preferred' weight to be at when I go to cons, cause I know I'll loose 3 lbs just by walking, if not more. I would like to get those 2 lbs back by convention time. 95 for me is a red flag, because if I loose anymore I'm in trouble. I try to drink a lot of water to keep hydrated, otherwise I'll get sick and pass out because my body burns that energy really fast.

I'm thinking that since I don't like plain straight milk I'll try chocolate milk instead (i don't like plain chocolate either but chocolate milk is tolerable). I rarely eat red meat so I'm going to try to eat more of that than white meat for the fat content. and with my other snacks I'm going to try and add a bit more to them to keep up with what my body's burning. Like I said, I walk a bunch at the university due to how the parking is set up, so everything I eat burns quickly. My mother has protein bars stashed away to help her loose weight, but will those help me to gain weight? I think some of it is because my mom has been cooking to fit her diet to stay in a dietary mode (instead of white rice, brown rice/whole rice), instead of actual eggs, she uses egg beaters, she avoids adding fattening stuff perhaps that has something to do with it.

Will this help you think?
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