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Yeah. It was when I was looking for someone to do my white Kaya outfit. I emailed three people, one of which was recommended by a friend of mine who'd had a costume made from this person before (and it was gorgeous!). I never heard anything at all from the first two, then the third one was the charm. I seemed to catch her at a bad time though since after the first email saying she'd do it and how much I didn't hear for well over a week (I forget how long it really was, but eh); turns out she'd gone on a family trip and couldn't get reliable Internet on the road.

For the most part, though, I agree with DizzyLizzy; I don't get nearly as many emails as commissioners, but even the ones I do get from friends I sometimes forget about because I say "eh, I'll reply later" and later comes.....three weeks after the fact xD;;
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