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Originally Posted by ishtra View Post
Sooo i haven't been in the Cosplay loop in a Looong time, nor have I been keeping up with anime, gaming, or jrock/pop so I'm struggling to figure out who to cosplay in April. I'm going with a group that includes Squall and Rinoa, Edea, Dr. Who, and 2 chara from Buffy. so I can go as pretty much anything.

I'm 5'6", long brown hair (I'd like to keep it that way), and I really have no other preferences. So I leave it up to you guys (and my buddies who are more uptodate on these things than I am) to hook me up. Thanks in advance

(shots to help
Yay awesomely messy apartment)
Lara Croft. You NEED to cosplay Lara Croft. That's not a suggestion. That's a demand! hahahaha.
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