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Originally Posted by Janeru-Chan View Post

(Person on the left)

I'm 5'7", 110 pounds.
Will wear wigs and contacts.
Will Crossplay.
Basically i'm up for any suggestions
You remind me of an anime character .. I just don't remember who! Maybe you could be Katara from avatar the last airbender? You have the hair for it, but I think maybe fire nation Katara would be better. Kyoraku Shunsui from bleach if your up for crossplay. Or maybe one of the main females from harvest moon?

Originally Posted by dominicnop View Post
hey new here, and looking for some good cosplay ideas i am a big fan of video games but will do any anime. i am willing to wear a wig and i can do any short hairsytles. Just use my avatar pic for ref. and ia m actually alot darker in person lolz
How about Ibiki Morino from Naruto? You said your tanner in person and he's a bit tan aswell, since he's bald you won't even have to bother to buy a wig. Krillin from DBZ , Jet from cowboy bebop, Nappa from DBZ, the cabbage bender from avatar the last airbender, or maybe Ang. Those are just cosplays with out wigs to save you the time and money, plus since your head is shaved I don't know really what to ay. A lot of thesee cosplays might suit you based on your avatar but if you want I can search for some other cosplay options.

Originally Posted by microcuts90 View Post
I need help.....

I'm really not looking for someone who looks like me. I'm just average but here is my problem

I have a lazy eye that is VERY noticeable when i remove my glasses or wear contacts... so a cosplay with an eyepatch or hair covering one of the eyes is good. I dont care what eye is being covered. And i rather be a girl, i doubt ill be able to pull off a boy.

I want something simple but not plain. :/ if that made any sense
How about Pegasus from yugioh? He's more woman than man X3 ! Kakashi sensei would be good too since he has one eye is covered all the time. I know you said you'd prefer woman cosplays but I'm just putting it out there as an option
Zakuro chan from Dokuro chan, Rei Ayanami from Neon Genesis Evangelion ( several episodes when she's injured she has a patch ) , and Kirakishou of Rozen Maiden.

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