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Review on 9mm SFX Sclera lenses

I'm looking for anyone who has used 9mmsfx sclera lenses. It doesn't matter which color (though if you have photos of the red ones, I'd love to see them in someone).

1. How comfortable are they? (on a scale of 1-10, 10 being about equal to wearing ordinary circle lenses, 1 being horribly uncomfortable and having to take them out after 10 minutes)

2. How was your vision in them? Tunnel vision? Completely blind?

3. How satisfied were you with 9mmsfx's customer service? How quickly did the lenses ship/arrive after placing your order?

4. How satisfied were you with the look of the contacts? Did they accomplish what you wanted them to? Did they add that little extra oomph to your costume? Would you use them again?

Thanks in advance! <3
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