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Originally Posted by Nayuki07 View Post
...and it also had the from china slip!
Originally Posted by PockySnowshadow View Post
Name of Commissioner: CosplayMandy
...Also, when reading her add, I could have sworn she said she was from California... but I got the package from China...
Originally Posted by Saber-chan View Post
Name of Commissioner: Mandy, Cosplaycommish
All her packages come from China (since apparently she's living there at this point), but this time it also was given a California shipping label after it crossed the sea.
Originally Posted by kiratsukai View Post
Name of Commissioner: Mandy, Cosplaycommish
When the costume arrived -- it arrived not from San Diego, California where the commissioner claims to live, but instead from someone in China... Wait, what?!
They have been banned for abuse of the marketplace. Thanks for posting the reviews, or else we wouldn't have caught it.

To clarify a few potential misunderstandings: The problem isn't that they're/she/he is from China. There are many users on the site from China, and we're all-inclusive here. The problem is that they signed up on the sight purely for solicitation and to abuse our free marketplace. We don't charge fees for advertising or selling, but we make sure that people aren't out there to take advantage of by using it as a fee-free store front only.

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