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This is actually REALLY late, since I commissioned these last year, but I decided I should give a review anyways.

Name of Commissioner: Maggifan


Character commissioned :Ciel Phantomhive and Sebastian Michaelis wig.

Links to picture(s) of your commissioned item: None yet.

Timeline: Ordered in the middle of December, got them in January, a little bit past my due date, which was a few days before New Years.
I also had her do a rush order, so it could be why, but I think i also had her do a express shipping.


Pros: Communication was good.

Cons: When I got the wig, it wasnt how I wanted it to be.
For Ciel, the wig was short, but not the way Ciel's hair would be, it was as if she half assed it. It was no where close to looking like Ciel when I tried it on, I had to have my friend re-cut and style it.
For Sebastian's wig, I had her make it Sebastian's exact hair, but a clip on pony tail made for another cosplay, and had her make a bow to tie on the pony tail.
The bow wasnt really nicely made, I didnt like it, but it could have been worse.
As for the wig, it didnt look like Sebastian's hair style at all either, just a short black wig with bangs.
The clip on tail didnt look good either, I dont even think it was able to clip on to the wig, since there wasnt really a clip at all.

Final Grade: C-
The wigs are reusable at least, and communication was good.
I wouldnt say there wasnt any effort put onto styling and cutting the wigs, but I expected much more, since the commission wasnt cheap at all.
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