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This is actually REALLY late, since I commissioned these last year, but I decided I should give a review anyways.

Name of Commissioner: Akaisha0


Character commissioned : Black Rock Shooter, jacket, shorts, top, boots, belt, and eye prop.

Links to picture(s) of your commissioned item: None yet.

Timeline: The end of October I requested for the outfit, my deadline was a few days before Anime Boston. I got it at least two months after that.


Pros: Communication was good.

Because the deadline was past due, she gave me something I was suppose to pay her to get, for free.
Dont remember what its called though.
When i got the cosplay the jacket was missing, she told me she forgot to mail it with the other things since she was in a rush to send it to me.
What i got was the top, shorts, eye prop, belt, boots, and that free item.
The shorts and the top were pretty half assed, the top, which is a bikini top, were missing pieces, I dont think i can even say its a bikini top at all.
The shorts, it looked like shorts that BRS would wear, but it didnt fit me, and it just looked like pleather sewn on to look like shorts, thats it.
The belt I requested was suppose to be big, what I got was a plain white belt you can buy at any store, it had metal star designs on them.
There wasnt suppose to be stars on 'em to begin with.
The boots, half assed, while she painted the bottom part white, nicely, the top was suppose to have a white flap, and a fake zipper in the front.
There was no zipper, and the flap was just sewn on, wasnt great lookin' at all.
For the eye prop, I'll give her props for that, while not perfect, it didnt look that bad, though it wasnt so great either.

Final Grade: D-
The prices were okay, but I didnt pay the amount I did for the things I received.
After I got my items, I contacted them a few more times, I even asked for a bit of a refund, but after a few replies to my refund, they stopped replying back.
I tried again a few times later, but still no reply.

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