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Review: Maximum Impact Liquid Latex Body Paint

This is the product i came across after a search for a body makeup that wouldn't smear ONTO my costume. I was willing to sacrifice some things to make sure that not a drop of paint would rub off onto my cape. Since most every reply to my original thread told me that every body paint out there would rub off slightly onto a costume... i needed an alternative. (And i mean it. Not one tiny drop, smear, ANYTHING onto my costume. I can't wash my cape at all, so i needed something to get rid of the risk of hurting it).

Name of Product: Maximum Impact - Liquid Latex Body Cosmetic

Where Purchased: eBay seller *alleykatz* I highly recommend them. Fast shipping and good prices!

Product Description:

"Cover yourself in the sexiest outfit ever! Maximum Impact Liquid Latex comes in a 16-ounce jar with screw off lid. Use a sponge brush (not included) to apply the latex to skin and in 5-10 minutes you will have a flexible body suit of your design. The all-natural Latex washes off with soap and water when you're done. Love the latex you're in! Natural, Medical Grade Latex. Non-toxic, FDA Approved Ingredients. Officially Recognized as Clothing!"

Its liquid latex... body paint. You apply it on, and once its dried, its stretchy and such. So it doesn't flake off like some other stuff, or rub off onto anything. But it isn't the most comfortable thing to wear, and it does peel on the edges if you aren't careful.

Pros and Cons (story time!):

So i wore it as half of the Kamina tats today as a test run. A few notes on it:

The wet paint smells like FISH. It really really hurts your nose. I suggest turning on an air freshener or something, or apply it in an open area. The smell burns. Though once its dried, its 100% odorless.

The color on the bottle was... wrong. As you can see from the link, the color was a baby blue. When i painted it on, it was a darker, more greenish blue. Which worked out great for my cosplay (since i was planning on mixing it to that color) but won't if you're going for a lighter color. So just a heads up on that part.

It peels on the edges if you rub it against something. Like, if you rub the side against the couch like i did, it peeled slightly on the edges. But since i had it in small bits, peeling it off and reapplying took like, 5 seconds.

As it dried, it felt really weird. Like it was clenching my skin. And it continued that feeling the entire time i had it on. I got used to it, but it was still a little strange.

Took a few layers to make it look non streaky. But a little goes a long ways, so that was fine. I just had to wait for it to mostly dry before i put another layer on.

Getting it off... hurt. A lot. Only in the spots with hair.. so i'm considering shaving my arm hair a little before i use it next. You have to peel it off like a bandaid, so... yeah. I didn't use any removers, so that might be why it hurt. Pulled my hair D:

Didn't really give my skin any room to breath. So i don't recommend it for full body coverage.

On one part of my arm, it wrinkled a little. Though i realized after peeling it off... that wasn't the paint. That was my arm. Since i tested it RIGHT after coming out of the shower, it was probably because my skin was super dry. So try putting moisturizer on before applying it. I'll try that sometime later. It only wrinkled in one spot: my other test areas were fine.

Caught a little bit of lint at one point... a wet towel wiped it off fine. Probably won't do that if you powder it.

Despite all that, i really like the stuff. After a few layers, it leaves a nice even coat that looks really great in photos. It doesn't smear. AT ALL. Onto anything. I even licked my finger and rubbed it. Didn't rub off onto my finger. It also stayed on as long as i wanted it to. I had a friend who wore it several days in a row (not including showers, since he didn't shower... lol ew). It really stays on as long as you want, as long as you're careful.

But, due to it not being very breathable, i do not suggest it for full body cover. It'd probably be really unhealthy. I do highly suggest it for those simple tattoos that anime and video game characters tend to have (like for what i'm doing: Kamina in TTGL). It looks great from a distance, though if you get too close, it might look strange if you aren't really good with painting. Since i did it myself in a small, enclosed bathroom (while dying from the fish smell), my work was pretty crappy. But the spots i did a good job on looked REALLY good once it dried.

Overall Rating: 0-10 (0 is poor, 10 is excellent): 7

In conclusion: Its good for those thick lined anime tribal tattoos... but not for much else. I highly suggest it if you're worried about getting paint on your costume, since theres a 0% chance of that happening with this (when its dry). But if you don't care if paint gets on your costume, i suggest finding some other method.

I'll update with pictures soon enough! Thanks for looking!

Update: picture, sorry bad quality: g

EDIT: I recently discovered you can buy this exact brand of liquid latex... at adult stores. Ahaha... i found it at ConRev in Costa Mesa.
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