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Nooo! Stay with us, thread! Keep fighting! Dx

I got my Peach earrings in, I got some huge tacky pearl ones that I'm gonna paint blue. I think they make for more realistic earrings than the Christmas ornaments that she's got dangling from her ears. ... ...Oh who am I kidding, I just couldn't be bothered to make accurate ones since I had a lazy way out. : p

Peach's GCN-era-on dress is my favorite, but it's too simple to look good in real life, so I think I'm going to make her Brawl dress but with elements of her usual one. I tweaked her Brawl model to get an idea of where I want to go (ignore creepy lack of eyes...):

I never liked the colors of the Brawl dress, it's too drab, I figure if you're making a giant poofy pink princess dress, you either go hard or you go home! : p

@Kirb: Lol yeah, but I think it'd be fun to wear a dress that's giant and poofy and over the top. The serious characters are kinda boring to be. ...But then why am I considering a Shadow the Hedgehog gijinka cosplay for next year? XD; Also we call that move "Dynamite Curves" hehe.
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