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Originally Posted by Masonkun View Post
Well since cosplay for august is out I'd like to meet up with a bunch of people and do our own cosplay party if anyone is up for it. Maybe in Seoul or something.
^^;; the anime/manga/manhwa community in korea is pretty hush hush...
so i don't really suggest a cosplay meet up in public...
i know that sounds bad....
but it's not like nyc where people don't give a shit.... orz
i've been stressed about that since i've moved here...
but yeah....that's really the only qualm i have about korea...

we can still meet up and hang out. ^^
there are lots of places in seoul that you should go to at least once!
like....Hello Kitty Cafe...XDDD
There are a lot of unique cafes in korea... (i've been hooked...)

We could maybe even go fabric shopping! LOL

I guess you can cosplay in isn't against the law or anything...
It's just not...encouraged.... =\

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