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I'm currently getting fed up with a commissioner I'm trying to work with. They were originally commissioned mid-June for a wig and told me they'd have it for my deadline at the end of July. I received an email a week before the deadline that said due to personal issues they couldn't and was told I'd be given a refund and 20% off in the future. I said no, keep working. A month goes by and I hear nothing. I contact them at the end of August and get nothing until I send a second email nearly 5 days later. They do not give any updates on the progress of the wig, but simply ask for my new deadline. I send it back and then hear nothing again. I've emailed them today asking for an update on the progress (because I'm beginning to think they haven't even started it), my exact deadline, and then the choice of a refund, which I had been offered before.

I am not happy with this person so far because the communication shouldn't be so short when I am trying to figure out where they are with it. I'm in the dark. If they'd simply said what the progress was and when it'd be done, I'd have been happy and would have left them to it. But this only leaves me antsy and in the dark about what the heck's going on.
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