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Welcome to the quick index for some of the regularly-updated discussion threads + workout routine suggestions that have been assembled in the Fitness sub-forum. (These topics have been recommended by users as being helpful and well-maintained. Please comment if you have any additional threads you would like to see added to this list.)

Exercising & Workouts

So How Much Time Do You Need To Get In Shape For The Con? - Answers to one of the most frequently asked questions in this forum! Choose your fitness level and proceed with the information below.

Weight loss F.A.Q.s, myths and other important things.

Losing Weight and Cosplay

The Generic Protagonist Workout
Kasinator's Beginner-level work-out tutorial
The "Knuckle-headed" Ninja Workout
Kasinator's Intermediate-level work-out tutorial
The Prince of Sayians Expert Workout
Kasinator's Advanced-level work-out tutorial
Zero Budget Workout
Kasinator's tutorial on how to get fit without the aid of equipment
Cutting and bulking not required
distantarray discusses body-building terms & techniques
"I don't want to become HUGE"
distantarray presents the difference between muscle-toning v.s. body-building
"Is this exercise any good?"
If you are wondering if a specific workout program really works, check here first before starting a new thread
Working out for cosplay
cyriades's basic supplement to other guides w/ video content

Nutrition & Diet

A simplified guide to nutrition
Kasinator's Proper Diet 101 Guide
Healthy eating!
tips, recipes and advice
Small Meals More Often
Bibliothèque opens a discussion on various tips for this strategy to help your metabolism run more smoothly
Tips for Calorie Cutters
list of various suggestions
Gaining Weight
conversation for those underweight that are trying to increase their weight to healthy levels

General F.A.Q. for both exercising & eating
many repeat answers compiled into one handy spot

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