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Originally Posted by scdshuton View Post
Wait where exactly is this taking place at. What building?
It's mainly located in the USU (outside)... and the buildings around there... like Sol Center & Pasadena room, Flintridge room etc....

All the other campus students walking by look at us cosplayers like we're crazy hahaha in '08 I kept getting asked "what's going on?" "Why is everyone dressed up?"

So don't expect everyone on campus to know that Mikomicon is going on XD!

Originally Posted by Jerry View Post
Yeah, me too. It's now up against the LosCon SF convention at LAX Marriott, that's been on that weekend for the last 20 or 30 or so years.

If the date is Thanksgiving Weekend from now on, I guess I won't be able to attend again.


Too bad Jerry you always show up everywhere...
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