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AV 2010 Pictures/Con-Reports/Videos

Please post all of your Anime Vegas 2010 photo-gallery links in this thread only, with the following guidelines:

1. Your link should point to the exact gallery, not the front of your website. Links sending members to your website expecting everyone to "find the pics" will be removed.
2. If you would like to let everyone know that you have updated your gallery you have already linked to, please edit your original post.
3. Please limit the commentary in this thread.
4. Please do not post any links until you have pictures from the con posted. Telling people to go to your gallery or website when nothing has been posted is jumping-the-gun, so wait until you have some pics the convention to show. Any posts that link to empty galleries will be deleted. And posting just one picture just to reserve the spot in the thread will count as zero pictures and will be deleted. Post a few at least..

IMPORTANT: This is the thread for all (non-staff) members to post their AV pictures. Please DO NOT create your own thread for your pictures, or start another general thread about AV pictures in the days, weeks, and months after the con. Any such created threads will be CLOSED and then DELETED so please stick to posting in this thread and this thread alone in regards to AV pictures. Thanks.
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