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Your notes on the Masquerade are interesting, BrianAnim. I was a Masquerade judge and as such I saw a portion of the competition the rest of the attendees were not able to see - craftsmanship judging! Unfortunately there were a VERY large number of groups that did not come to craftsmanship judging. Keep in mind that Performance awards (even for things like Choreography) ALSO take into consideration the quality of the costumes. A skit has to be absolutely phenomenal to take a performance award without also coming in for craftsmanship judging. I also think it's very poor form of you to say that the Seras cosplayer had a poorly made costume and prop, as I was able to see her work up close and your observations are quite frankly far off the mark.

We had a LOT of prizes to hand out so it did take a while to decide on our awards. I'm sorry we took so long but it would be worse to rush through the judging. Anime Expo 2007's Masq was an absolute fiasco because the judges were rushed. Craftsmanship judging cannot be completed until we see each contestant on stage. Just like much of a Performance award depends on the quality of the costume, Craftsmanship awards take into account how a contestant presents the costume(s) on stage.

I'm not sure why you're complaining about the Megaman cosplayer not getting Best Video Game Solo as she received a Judge's award and we considered those equally prestigious.

Hope this clears up a few things. That's all I will be saying about the decisions we made. I think I speak for the other two judges as well as myself when I say that we stand by our decisions.
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