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Name of Commissioner: HelloCosplay


Character commissioned : Souji Seta (persona 4)

Links to picture(s) of your commissioned item: Will go up on my profile once I go to the event.

Timeline: ordered 8/29/10 sent out: 9/03/10 received: 9/07/10
Experience: Once i wear it for an event, I'll be more able to tell, but as I'm wearing it now, it's quite good.

--Quite fast answer and service. I placed the order at the beginning of a week and got it the next one. No hidden fees either, I've ordered lots of things online where I'd pay extra shipping fees on top of what I had already paid for various reasons (Carrier charge, custom fees, whatever), none of this junk for this delivery. It sat quite nicely on my doorstep, no questions asked.
--Site is quite explicit regarding measurements, and you can easily arrange to validate which size fits you, they also pay attention to your shoulder measurements if you give them in the other notes when ordering --- it fits just as snugly as my tailor-made suit (Which cost me double the price of this and I never wear XD)
--Coat is easily usable as a fancy spring/autumn outdoors clothing.
--Wig came styled towards the character I am cosplaying, with extra a tad longer than what is expected. Makes it easy to adjust to my fat head.

--Coat buttons are only held but a tiny amount of thread --- it will be very easy to tear one off by mistake.
--Shirt has some small yellow stains at the button seams on the white shirt, likely due to the cleaning/production process they used for it (The stain is the same for every button, but it's only noticeable if you pay close attention).

Final Grade: A-

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