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+ I like the resort type of setting. In some respects, it was better than Cashman.
+ Nice turnout to my "Applying to Fandom to College." Thanks for showing up!
+ Cosplaying as Miku on the strip.
+ Many thanks to masq. staff for letting me perform at the last minute and understanding about my health concern. You guys are awesome.
+ Power Ranger related panels should have been in main events. JDF's first panel was crazy!
+ Vic's Star Trek panel was fun!
+ Masquerade Ball was fun! Loved the Sailor Moon theme.
+ Chit chatting with voice actors and directors.
+ Charity auction. Got my hands on a L/R poster.
+ Meeting new friends. Lots of cool people.

+ Weather can't be controlled. Not fond of the 100 degree weather.
+ Pump up the AC in the panel rooms.
+ Masq: PG-13 means PG-13. Save the saucy stuff for an adult themed con (ie: Yaoi Con).
+ Program guide was confusing. Where was the AMV contest?
+ Tons of "You Lost the Game" memes. It gets old. Stop. It.
+ Migraine / sinus headache on Day 1.
+ Some logistics fail: line situation, ticketing situation
+ Some staff had no clue what was going on and didn't know where things were.
+ Maid cafe was mediocre compared to the likes of Fanime. Needs improvement.
+ Alexis Park Hotel: You call THAT a buffet? In my 10+ years of going to cons, I never felt so ripped off in terms of food prices.
+ I heard someone was mugged on the hotel site. Confirm?
+ In addition to the above, I heard complaints that some parts of the hotel area were not lighted during the night time hours. My buddy complained about walking in the dark. This raises a safety concern for female attendees...
+ Con Sars FTW!!

+ I saw a Luna plush I liked, but missed out on getting it on the last day. Aww.

Returning in 2011? Maybe. Depends where I am and where Anime Vegas 2011 will be held. Both Cashman and Alexis Park has flaws. So, it's a wait and see game.
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