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Awww. Thank you. I'm glad you liked our skit. I wish we could have worked out that photoshoot with you. Toph did our choreography (Script: Zuko). We couldn't find costume judging ^^;;. Our rep ran out to use the bathroom at the end so maybe she missed that announcement (no one in registration area or lobby seemed to know where it was either).

I liked the con. I would rave about LittleKuriboh, but I already did that on the AV forum (as may33). It's dissapointing not to win, but we knew missing costume judging hurt our chances. It's still really fun to enter. I miss the comedy category though xD

The long judging wait gave me a chance to briefly party at the dance, which I rather enjoyed, but I'd still like to see it shorter next year.

I'll come back. I'm local & Rich is awesome

Hope to see you at another con Brian!

--Aang, the Avatar group <3
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