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Hello! I'm the programming director for Anime Vegas for 2010 (I DO NOT INTEND TO DO IT AGAIN!) and I'm here to answer some concerns and whatnot.

Regarding the wrongness of the program guide, I can say this now. Rich put the books together in a hurry after I had done the initial scheduling.

At the convention, things were changed around at the last moment so we had to print out daily schedules. (Whether they actually made it to being posted or not was another story. ><..) Next year we intend to do it in a nice newspaper-type format, so we'll see how that flows with the attendees. :3

For those that are complaining that LK's panel and JDF's panels should have been in main events.. YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY CORRECT. When I first made the schedule, I had put them there. However since this year we didn't have a theater for concerts and the masquerade, that's how we ended up having to do things. =/ I was disappointed as well.

AND THE BALL! On my schedule it was listed from 8 o'clock to 11 o'clock. Worst part was while we were editing the book, we even corrected that part, but it must not have been saved properly. Not only that we were in a hurry, too. (The book was sent to the printer on August 16th. For some reason the printer took THREE WEEKS to get us the books, on day 0.)

As for AMV's, I hadn't heard about them until the last minute, and I was supposed to receive the schedule for the video room a LOOOONG time ago. Unfortunately it never made it to me and thus was never added to my schedule, which ended up in the book. Therefore I must apologize to the 10+ people that asked me about AMVs because I had NO IDEA when they were. D:

And as for ticketed events: I agree that the program guide should have said something about it, and it should have been handled a bit better, like tickets being handed out the first day or something, instead of an hour beforehand.

Now my own gripes:

+I'm glad all the panels went smoothly, and I must thank everyone that ran one because they contributed to the diversity of panels we had this year. I'm glad it wasn't just a single type show like we've had before.

-KARAOKE. We were totally unprepared for me to run karaoke apparently, as on the second night Rich had to run out and grab a small sound system. Also the internet at the hotel would not reach the karaoke room (the cheap internet at least) so no lyrics.

+Karaoke however had a nice turn-out. It was supposed to run until 3 AM both nights but it only ran until 2. I still have no plans to run it next year but we'll see, if we can be a bit more prepared next time. (with a book and lyrics)

-The dealers hallway was EXTREMELY crowded. Aside from the unshowered smell in a huge crowd, there's also the hazards. My boyfriend tripped over someone seated on the floor in the hall and hit his head on a door, REALLY HARD.

+Luckily for my boyfriend the blood drive was there with ice packs on hand! Hurray for the blood drive!

-Hotel food = con food in price. Still over the top.

-No place to sit in the halls except the floor. We should adopt what ALA does and get some artist-benches.

-The crowded halls got VERY hot and humid. Too many bodies, not enough space.

-Cosplay meeting did not stay in Apollo 3/4 (Panel room 1) like the schedule said. They would have had much more room there than in the ops hallway, and there would have been less confusion on the part of the masquerade entrants. (I seriously lead a group of like 10 entrants to the hallway for it.)

+However, for judging it was a good spot, away from the crowd of attendees and craziness.

-Too many people trying to take photos in the crowded hallways. Seriously, if you can't get a decent shot because there's people passing between the 3 feet of space between you and the cosplayer, YOU SHOULD MOVE.

+The onigiri sold by the yo-yo balloon woman was DELICIOUS. She even gave a secret discount to those who spoke Japanese, which I thought was awesome. She was also very kind and soft-spoken. I want her to be my mom, seriously.

-She's not my mom.

Sorry the post is a bit long. + are things I liked, - are things that weren't the best.

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