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I be back >.> <,< This is an Update :\

Name of Commissioner: Gneila
Website/ gallery:
Character commissioned and series/video game: Originally I ordered Hellsing pip (Entire outfit), Nerima Daikon brothers (jacket) , Junjou romantica (vest) Kuoshitsuji Undertaker (complete outfit). Since she Didn't Complete everthing (I only received Undertaker) that we Agreed to another outfit which would be Soi fong (Complete outfit from bleach)
Links to picture(s); Once I fix somethings on it I'll post them
Timeline: November 09 (When we agreed to switch the outfit I made the original order back in March of 09)- August 10
Describe your Experience: Good God where to start on this woman... I started back in March of 09 ordering; Hellsing pip (Entire outfit), Nerima Daikon brothers (jacket) , Junjou romantica (vest) Kuroshitsuji Undertaker and Needed it done by May for Animazment. I've had her before and It was a hit or miss with her. May gets around with promises that she'll complete it all by the needed date. A week before the Con I ask for photos and Ask where my stuff is. I forgot the Response I got But it Indicated that She JUST started working on Undertaker all because I noticed that there was No progress and I Wanted to have my stuff so I lied to her and told her I was in a Skit and needed the outfit BY that Weekend. (Fellow Cosplayers there is very few times you should lie, Especially if your cosplay is on the line ~_~ ) The weekend of the con came up and She Overnight shipped it to me at the con. No problems Except I Ordered 4 Cosplays Not One. The con Comes and Goes and I contacted her asking where the rest of my stuff is. We have on and off contact until that November when we decide to Forgot bout the cosplay that I ordered and Replace the entire order for Soi Fongs outfit. *TIME SKIP FROM NOV-MAY* May rolls around and I Got tired of hearing nothing. I heard the excuse that she had a Heart attack. My mother has had several so I felt sorry for her. She promises Soi Fong by June and and Like others Even another 'Free' Cosplay. She posts pictures of the Pants, Belt and Halter top by then. The time rolls by and nothing. I finally get Fed up and Threaten to sue her. and Posted on her FB about what had happen for all her friends/fellow cosplayers to See. She responded less than 2 hours afterwards and even Disables Her Wall so No one could see anything. She gets in contact with me again after I traced her butt down *TY Dad* Saying she was in a car wreck that broke her Phone, and Camera (My question is How does this effect her sewing machine?) And she would get it out that monday. Still nothing. Sometime In August After I tried Countless times of Contacting her I Make an new Email account and Ask for a Quote on a Commission (Which she told me months before that she stopped taking commissions so she could take care of what she had left.) And I get a Response! Saying it would Cost 75 dollars to do the jacket I wanted done. She was Kind enough to Send me a phone number. Caught her. After several Day of Contact she sends half of my Outfit. The Halter top, Haori, Gloves and Capt's Jacket. Okay wear is my Belts, and Pants? Why in the heck is My Halter top Several Sizes Smaller and showing things I'm afraid to Show anyone?!?!? on top of thatr why isn't it closing D: Okay contact her again and she tells me that the Belt and Pants are sitting on her Ironing board and she would remake the Halter. Finally it gets here one day before Librari con. Only thing is the Halter top is a Bit Funny (I would have to use a pin to make it fit) and the pants were 4-5 inches too long. Once my Mother Fixes those two things I will Post photos. It was made really well (except for the first halter top which some of the friends I Showed nearly had heart Failure when I showed them what was wrong with it) Will I use her again? Is the moon purple,green and pink? I think not <3
Final Grade:C-
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