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One last word on the matters of Mandy, Ferrin, MasterLe, etc.:

Honesty in the past does not negate dishonesty in the present.
Good work in the past does not equate good work in the present.

I can rip off 6 people tomorrow and then call all of my customers in the past year to vouch for my honesty... and they will. Because I have, for the most part, been honest with them. It doesn't change that I ripped off those 6 people.

To a lesser extent ~ I can be negligent, overcharge and ship damaged items... then turn around and make excuses about them, calling in my past customers to assure people that I wouldn't do that (something a LOT of people on the reviews forum have been doing these days). I can even accuse them of being dishonest, overreacting or sabotaging the items themselves.

The trouble is, things change and past often has very little bearing on the present.

This thread is home to enough recent reviews for Mandy that indicate her work has NOT been up to par in the last year and neither has her business manner. Surely we are not all lying or imaging the condition of our items or the way we've been dealt with. We've plenty of pictures and e-mails to back us up in our frustrations. I could care less if our reviews result in a ban or not, the reviews themselves are our way of saying "look elsewhere" on the topic of her business.

I hate to see those with documented bad dealings being aggressively questioned or having their experiences somehow devalued on account of so much internet drama.

If you want to post a current review for Mandy AND help her out: how about asking her to make you a costume now? I'm sure she'd welcome the business (and a chance to redeem herself).

The same goes of all the other commissioners given bad reviews. If you continue to trust them in spite of the bad experiences of others, the best way to show your support is to continue to commission from them and be every bit as vocal as their detractors about your experiences.
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