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Originally Posted by mylovestory View Post
Name of Commissioner: Sam
Website/ gallery:
Character commissioned: Butterfly Chii from Chobits
Links to picture(s) of your commissioned item:
Timeline (how long your order took to process): Um.. I can't excatly remember. I think I comissioned it in December and she had it ready by May
Pros: Great response time to emails. Very friendly and helpful. Keep me updated the whole way through and sent me pictures.
Cons: The only thing was the bust was a bit too big and the costume was blue instead of white.
Comments: She's an over-all great person. I love her. I would go back to get her to comission me another peice anytime!
Final Grade: A
Has anyone heard from this commissioner lately? I've been trying to get her to talk to me since June. She's only replied to me twice out of the mass amounts of emails ive sent her.

I sent her an email of what I wanted and she replied saying shed love to! I was very excited to hear that! Then her computer crashed though apperently it got better b/c I was able to once get a hold of her through her blog. She told me she'd get back to me but had to catch up on emails (early the 2nd)Maybe I'm being a bit harsh but I'm just a bit frustrated! It seems to be a bit hard to make! ( from my point of view)

This is the costume I want made for those curious:

I really want her to make it because I feel she has the talent to make it right, but at the same time I'm letting her know 7 months in advance, I need to earn the money and I can't even get a price quote!
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