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Name of Commissioner: Angie

Website/ gallery: Coscom name is Angie, i think

Character commissioned: Kamina from Gurren Lagann (glasses)

Links to picture(s) of your commissioned item: Never received

Timeline (how long your order took to process): Early August - September 17th

*Responds very quickly
*Willing to work under a rush timeline

*Way overpriced
*Started project later than she should have
*kept trying to change the order slightly


So i don't know exactly when i asked for the commission, but i'm guessing early August (possibly late July). I had an ad in the marketplace, and after almost being scammed by Red_Shot, i tried to get a commission elsewhere. Angie seemed to have the best past, and the best reviews before. So i gave her a shot.

My only problem... she was charging me $40 for a pair of Kamina shades. These usually go online for $5. The only reason i didn't buy $5 ones is because those ones are orange (a common mistake, they appear orange in the common internet meme, but they're actually red in the show) and they come with no way to attach to the face. I wanted a red pair, with sunglass stick thingies on the side. Angie said she could do this.

Well, she had the best reviews of everyone so i decided to dish out the way overpriced commission. She explained she wanted to be paid by the hour for it, as well as materials and shipping... well, her "hours" seemed sketchy to me (as it shouldn't take longer than an hour, but she guessed 3 hours). But i dealt with it, because i really needed the glasses. Hypercon was the next month, and i didn't want to take any chances.

So i told her i was having trouble sending the money, as i couldn't use paypal. She said that was 100% fine. I just needed to pay 2 weeks in advance to the con date. That made me feel loads better, knowing i wasn't rushed. I eventually paid it on August 23rd.

Now, a few days ago, she finally got back to me and said she was starting it. Okay, that works. As long as it's done on time. She assured me she never misses a deadline.

Well, she went to the store... and the red plexiglass was out. Which was a HUGE problem. Another thing i asked for specifically was to make sure i could see out of the glasses with NO obstructions to my vision. Since everyone's glasses i had tried on before had such thick red paint on them, everything was blurry. So red plexiglass was our best bet. Now, since she procrastinated on buying materials, they were out. She said she could order some, but it wouldn't make the deadline.

Well, i told her i needed them for sure by the deadline. So she said she'd buy clear plexiglass, then paint it red. I told her i really didn't want her to do that... it'd end up too hard to see out of. She researched how to make them red while still really transparent, and sent me pictures of her attempt. Well, it was streaky. I said as long as it doesn't look streaky on the glasses, it seemed fine. She said she'd buy a spray version, so it'd work out.

Okay, seemed fine to me. I expressed my concerns that i wanted to make sure i could see out of them.

Then she said " Also! I noticed that some people have had much success with an elastic band versus the sticks as it can be hidden under the wig and pinned in place. Let me know what you think of this idea!" I immediately said no to that... considering my original ad had me expressing how much i hate it when people do that (since i wouldn't be able to remove them if its under the wig, and it looks stupid on top of the wig). She also mentioned in the same message that this was a rush commission, thats why she was having problems.

Wait, what? A rush commission? I asked over a month ago. And she said as long as i paid in two weeks, it'd be okay. So why is she complaining its a rush NOW? That really bugged me, but i let it go. I proceeded to say that i DID ask her awhile back, and i DID send the money about a month before my deadline... so it wasn't quite right to say it was a rush. Especially since she had weeks now to buy the right materials. But i did say none of that matters now, just get it done and make sure it looks good.

We started discussing refund possibilities... since by now, she was a little hesitant if she could do it or not. I said refunds aren't possible, i NEED the glasses. As i have no other way of getting them before the con. But she said if she sent them out and they weren't good, she'd refund me the entire price except the shipping (which was only like, $5).

Well, she went to buy the red paint. Then responded by telling me she doesn't think she can do it, and she'll send a refund. I asked if the paint didn't work, and she said " I do not feel that I can do a good enough job for you". As if i were asking too much or something. Which i wasn't. Is it so hard to ask for red glasses that are see-through and attach to my face? That was my original commission. And now she's saying she can't please me. That just REALLY ticked me off.

So now she's refunding me. And i'm stuck out of the Kamina shades. I'm now forced to make shitty ones myself because she gave up. My boyfriend is rushing making them for me. If we don't, i can't even cosplay at that con.

TL;DR: She bought the materials late, had to rush it, tried to change the order, then when it was far too late for me to make it myself: Said she couldn't do it. So now i'm stuck out of a commission and lacking the kamina shades. FML.

EDIT: After i said fine on the refund... she sent me pictures of the glasses and said they were done. Umm. Okay. I responded that they weren't finished (they were missing the sticks on the sides) and she said she knew that, then asked for the distance. I responded that i wanted my refund, since they wouldn't get here by the deadline anyway (and my boyfriend agreed to make me some). And i was kinda fed up with her anyways.

EDIT 2: Only refunded me $30 out of the original 40, too. For materials she spent making them. NOT part of the original refund deal. Grrr.

Final Grade: Not sure if i'm allowed to grade her on this, since she's refunding me. I'd give her a C if i'm allowed to. Losing points for procrastinating and trying to change the order, but gaining some on prompt responses.

EDIT 3, months and months later: Thinking back on it... she charged me for materials I told her not to buy because I didn't want her to paint the glasses. Yet she didn't refund me for the paint I told her NOT TO BUY... Ugh, changing her grade with that in mind. Wtf.

Change grade to a D.
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