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Originally Posted by Toshiro-sama View Post
hey somebody can help me??
well i wanna go to the comiket with my date masamune cosplay but im not shure that i can get in with my katanas (that are made of wood)
If you know something please tell me
  I regret I have not noticed your post earlier. The Comiket is over now. ・_;

I will post this reply in case some other people come across this thread without finding
Comiket thread.

I have not seen the picture of your costume and I cannot tell for sure.

All I can say for sure is that as far as it is not a live metal nor longer than 30 cm and meets all the safety codes, it should be ok.
There are a lot of safety codes not only for your props, but also for other parts of costumes and even for general attendee, so I recommend you to make sure you understand the official catalog. Unfortunately, there are a lot of misleading false info in the internet, and you have to check the official announcement by your own.
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