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Originally Posted by EternalNight View Post
I couldnt find where to put this, really sorry if I'm in the wrong place ^^

Anyway im wanting to get a Cosplay for Crimbo, I want either Sora or Roxas, it looks like it might be Twilight Town Roxas (kingdom Hearts II)

I was wondering if this -
Was good for the Roxas cosplay

Yeah I know its alot (well to me it is) but im willing to pay good money for a half decent cosplay.

I also cant seem to find a good wig (Yes im going to style it myself) I cant find a good base wig so any help on that would be nice

Back to the subject I would like to know if that is good and worth the money AND if the website can be trusted!!

Thanks soooo much and sorry if this is in the wrong place
I can't help you with mooncostumes, but I can suggest a great ebay site for wigs. THey have lots of wigs that would be good for base wigs and a huge variety and always have things on sale. Even though they're from China I think I got my wig in less then 2 weeks. Maybe just a little more then a week and it was beautiful and exactly like in the photo of it. Take a look and see if they have any thing you want or need. Their prices aren't too bad either, especially if you can manage to find a wig you need on sale.

They have reviews on the merchant review thread if you wanted to read them. All of them had good grades so it's why I tried out buying from them. I don't regret it. Oh, shipping is cheaper from them for a China seller. Like around 12 dollars rather then then 30 or so most China sellers charge.
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