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Although I was only able to attend for a short amount of time, what I did see wasn't that great.

+was able to go, even if it was for 2 hours
+was able to see the who asked you panel

- they (who asked you) were only able to do 15 minutes of their show before a staff member, whose name will be with held, (that's right fool, i know your name) told them "5 minutes, kill it" and the reason for that was "I can't go home until you are coming between me and my booze."
- i felt like i was going to be robbed walking from the lobby to where my car was parked. PLEASE choose a safer place for the con!!!!

personally, i'm leaning more to attend lvsc than going to av next year, but it all depends on whose running the con and if it looks like it's going to improve.
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