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Originally Posted by verdatum View Post
I could be wrong, but I think I was the first person who started talking about using PAX in any detail on this site, years back.
I've been talking about it since '03 and regularly get shot down for suggesting it- like it is some budget cheapie alternative- yer no. Usually by people outside the industry or people who have never actually used it

(edited to clarify: and I am so very glad there are people here who promote it too )

I like to use PAX or PAX alternatives (using liquiset or certain moisturisers instead of PA) for some projects. My Samara for instance was a mix of mica powders, liquiset and paint to get a thin layer that lasted the entire day. My latex was coloured with the same pigments but bound in an acrylic flow medium. It meant absolute colour matching between me and my appliances.

My Galadriel (from 03) was a mixture of paints and one brand of moisuriser- no other seems to work. That would be Johnson and Johnson clean and clear.

I use PAX to stipple and blend the line of my Asari headpieces but as the cost of PA and cleaner is about twice the price here as it is in the next country I find it extremely expensive to use for much more. I need to save the PA for the gluing of the appliances themselves

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