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Talking Yu-Gi-Oh at Youmacon 2010!

[Hi everyone! I'm very very excited about Youmacon 2010! I'll be cosplaying as Battle City Seto Kaiba the entire weekend- is anyone else cosplaying from any of the Yu-Gi-Oh series?

Last year, the officially-scheduled photoshoot was SO FUN and we had a decent amount of people come representing their Yu-Gi-Oh style, dawg.
-Seto Kaiba (Battle City)- Yu-Gi-Oh
-Vegeta (Cell Saga)- DragonBall Z

Definitely Attending:
-KamiCon (Tuscaloosa, AL)- February 2012
-Khaotic Kon (Tampa, FL)- April 2012

Maybe Attending:
-EXP Con (St. Augustine, FL)- October 2011
-Youmacon (Detroit, MI)- November 2011
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