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Question Alright everyone! Who are you getting in shape to cosplay as????

I ask this because:
1. It's fun to know.
2. Not many people mention this for some reason.
3. I am working on two different workouts that will fit the needs of everyone here!

Rules of this thread:

- State your planned cosplays

- Post your pic of planned cosplay

- tell us what you do already to get in shape.

I'll get the ball rolling!

I plan to cosplay bass from the megaman games:

There are very little megaman cosplays and very very few are good ones. So I really want to give the series the justice of a good cosplay. Six out of seven days I hit the gym Doing both cardio, and weight lifting. I eat very well, because dieting in my opinion is half the game to building great physique. I also get plenty of sleep in order to give my body plenty of recovery.
My workout
What to eat

I'm not a trained nutritionist/fitness instructor. But I hope to give you any help I can. PM me If you want someone to coach you.
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