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Vanille from Final Fantasy XII.

I'm getting fit for two reasons.
1. Obviously because a lot of her shows..
2. I think it's about time I get fit instead of just playing video games all day XD

My plans?
I've totally cut out fast food. Haven't had fast food in months (since April I think..).
I try my hardest to eat three meals instead of snacks all the time.
Junk food and candy have been cut down in a minimum.
I became a vegetarian in the summer so a lot more veggies are in my diet now.
I've been trying to walk as much as possible.
I've been getting much more sleep lately - when I can.
I do sit ups every morning before showering.
This is going to sound lame: I've been playing wii more instead of my xbox 360. XD

It's been really hard to stick to some of those rules because of work and school but I think I've been doing pretty good so far (:
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