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Black Rock Shooter!!

I love BRS, I'm a bit Vocaloid mad! Was very excited when I saw the PV but then the OVA just blew me away *w*
Although I need much much skinnier upper arms, they're terrible D: Could do with toning up my stomach a wee bit more but my arms are my biggest worries ;_;

I already do ballet and modern twice a week, very good for fitness. And I have to walk for at least 2hrs in total to get to college and back, so that's five days a week (up a horrendous hill everyday no less LOL). I did use to do extra dancing in my spare time for an hour each day to prepare for my exam, but now that that's over I don't do that anymore. But exercise wise I think I'm pretty good. At least for my lower half of the body oTL.

I really do need to do some arm exercises though, I don't do anything to them so my fat goes there LOL.

I'd say my diet is good, but I'd be lying : P
During holidays I'm fine. I cook my own food (or parents cook it, we alternate) and it's just rice rice and more rice, Asian meals lolol. But at college I'm terrible XD. On weekends and evenings I mainly eat rice, vegetables and meat though, and I eat a good amount of fruit and veg. So my diet isn't terrible, but it could be better during term time.

That being said, on holidays I don't do as much exercise. And during term time my diet isn't that great. So maybe it balances out loool : P
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