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Hi guys! I've finally managed to get my account registered, so I'm finally making myself known! So hi, I'm Stephanie!

My friend talked a bunch of us into sailor scouts for Halloween, which I know isn't quite as big a deal as a con, but I have none to go to, and I always go all out for Halloween anyway. Anyway, I got elected for Mercury!

I'm actually pretty close to being done, though when I start listing what I have to do... AGH!

Here's what I have so far: (front) (back)

Unfortunately, everything's held on by safety pins here, so I still have to actually attach it all. Then buy the gloves, make the sleeves, maybe redo the skirt since I'm not entirely happy with it...

Anyway, wanted to introduce myself, and say thanks for this thread! It's helped me more than I can say in the past month!

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