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My two biggest cosplays are JRock ones, so yeah, I cosplay real people. -shrug- I've noticed there seems to be, more often than not, a kind of stigma associated with "real person" cosplayers. Comments like "wouldn't you feel creeped out if you saw someone dressed as YOU?????" just don't make sense to me. If I saw someone dressed as me, insignificant, non-famous, non-glamourous me, then heck yes I'd be creeped out. But the people I cosplay are famous, glitzy, bit of attention-whores (in the good sense ), and fabulous, so why wouldn't I want to cosplay them? The man I crossplayed even said he thought our (my friend's and I) cosplays of him were fantastic! That's the biggest compliment I think a cosplayer can be given, to be told by the very person they're cosplaying that they look wonderful.

............Uhhh, yeah, I kinda went off on a tangent. You saw nothing -scampers away-
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