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Haha okay so I've been looking at XL green blazers for my boyfriend for almost a week now! It's got me so RIDICULOUSLY EXCITED to make him my Mamoru. I've also been planning a Sailor Moon srapbook day for October 16th. I found some Sailor Moon film books for $5-$8 near me. I giggle, and hehe when I saw them.

Safe to say that this whole year I've been pretty obsessed with Sailor Moon. I find my Sailor Moon R (Classic) Star Brooch looking pretty good. I have been throwing so many Sailor Moon prop ideas, but I can't wait till Christmas is here, so I can stalk up all the dollar stores for Christmas items of awesomeness.

For now, my Sailor Moon Group (Sailor Wings/Vancouver Sailor Moon Community) are looking to have a Sailor Moon Sleepover in the next week or two. This should be exciting, I have been really going back and forth with this idea since the summer. I really am excited that we might actually make it happen.

And then we will see about doing a Sailor Moon Halloween or Corn Maze Event. And before Christmas, or during Christmas or anytime there will snow (If we should get any, and hope it won't be anything like 2008 XD) We will do a Sailor Moon Christmas Party, and I will slip back into going as Haruka.
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