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Originally Posted by junkeemunky View Post
For Halloween, I'm doing Finn and my gf is doing Marceline in her new dress. I'll try to post pics if we get everything done.
My boyfriend and I are going to do this for Halloween too <3 So cute! What color would you say her dress from the "Henchman" episode is? I've been fluctuating between an aubergine and gray, but the AT Wikipedia says "in the episode, "Henchman", she is seen wearing a short black dress, where the top is ripped and there is a maroon stripe going across it. It is noted that this dress is made of Why-Wolf hide. She also wore purple leggings under the dress and reddish-purple heels." Black? WTF? Really? And Maroon? Whuh? Hm. Idk D:
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