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Club 2 The Max sounds exactly like The Asian Karoako Invitational (TAKII) event that occurs here in the Philadelphia region. TAKII occurs twice a year, and it's been steadily growing. slowly but surely. Basically, TAKII offers the same thing: no badge requirement to get in, but to participate in tournaments, cosplay events or raffles you need to buy tickets. Club 2 The Max, to me, at least is a bigger, better version of TAKII. (TAKII originally was strictly a gaming event, with extensive gaming and tournaments. But over the last year, to accommodate interest, they've adapted to accept cosplay as an integral part of their event). If anything, it definitely sounds like something that will be worth checking out. I'm wandering with the Club 2 The Max's move to a "full convention" how they will handle admissions or costs. Renting part of a convention center will not be cheap, so they will be doing something to recoup those costs.
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