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Originally Posted by sakura_petals View Post
I went fabric reseaching/hunting today. I found most of the fabric for Sera Myu! Eternal Moon, Mars, Mercury and Jupiter. The only problem is that most of hte fabric I need is quite expensive...
What kind of fabric are you thinking of using?

Originally Posted by stephaniesays View Post
Alright, question about the glove rolls.... I'm right now, finally, suturing foam tubes for the gloves. My question is, after I cover them with the blue fabric, what's the best way to attach them to the gloves? For the sleeve-ish things, it's not quite an issue, since they're white and won't show (and also hidden by the collar...). But the blue will definitely show through the gloves if I do them the way I'd planned the sleeves. Sooo... any pointers??
Basically do the same thing your thinking, but when you make the "tube" shape for the blue fabric turn it so the seam allowance is on the inside. And make it one whole piece with no extra hanging out. Then after sewing the ends together, handsew the gloves onto them. It works really well. That way too its easy to replace the gloves if they get dirty. Does that make sense? I feel like I'm gonna confuse you.

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