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I'm going to be making my husband a Space Wolf Scout outfit and I was thinking about doing something 40k to go along with him.
So I got thinking - what kind of female character fits in nicely with Space Wolves? The navigators of House Belisarius. I've read 5/6 of the Space Wolf books and and deeply miffed I can't find where I put the second omnibus to re-read about the Navigator uniforms.
They all have different uniforms and dress for when on Holy Terra and when on ships and things.
So I was wondering what you guys would think of when you think of their uniforms and such off the top of your head? I have an idea of what it could look like based on my (somewhat poor) memory, though my husband reckons there would be a certain amount of artistic license for a costume of this type, given there's not too much about it at this stage.
Would it also be recognizable?
I'd more than likely do a ship/militant style of dress rather than a more noble/fancy approach, so I figure in the end the devil is all in the small details.
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