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so i know no one has posted on here in a while but lets see if anyone still pays attention to this one.

so im working on an I-No costume and just looking for tips ideas and critiques. i got her boots ordered and they are on the way, got the gloves. tinkering in my head how to do her hat, and i think i even got someone to help me tailor her dress. but im looking for anything people have had issues with so i can avoid them. and things like the no bra no undershirt delema. i know taping will be involved but not sure how im going to do that and not royally embarass myself.

also on the hat, im trying to come up with the best method to make that hat look as animated as possible. ive seen one that was amazingly well done, but she wouldnt share how she did it.

and im wondering now about he rings on her dress, the one on her collar, and the square ones, what material works best for that.

im actually planning on doing her black costume, because red makes me look sickly, and my hair is already that platinum colour she has for that set of colours.
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