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Thank-you so much for your input!

*SvK: I only just saw your post (i've had my reply in the making all day as I've been flitting about the house)
Daughters of Russ! That's an awesome concept for sure. If my Navigator one goes caput, that's a sure one to do. I do so love the Space Wolves :3

Considering my husband is a bit on the weedy side, I was going to have the Scout stuff with long sleeves and add some padding under it to make him look more buff (Same for his legs, I have a plan, haha). Fortunately he already has long thick hair (shoulder length) and a goatee. He has a bajillion models for 40k and he's pretty much given me a couple of Wolf Scouts to work with. Think your average Scout, with a Space Wolf head and adornments and other wolf doodads

Now for the Navigator side of things:
I've got a basic sketch going of what I was thinking of for the Navigator. Since they're more an "officer of the fleet" type, I though of having a uniform in similar style to the ones they wear in the re-make of Battlestar Galactica - with some differences based on the info I read in my book (which I found, woot) and I quote now:
"She was wearing the full formal regalia of her House, a black tunic with the eye and wolf symbol of Belisarius was embossed on every button. Its epaulettes bore the mark of her status as a master Navigator. On the braided jacket were medals and emblems which doubtless told of her lineage and status. Some of them also contained powerful sensors. She had a dress sword and pistol on her belt."
So here is my sketch, with my notes attached to it. Is large, otherwise the writing would cover everything Navigator Sketch
And this is a picture from the Imperial Guard HQ's from Games Workshop HQ dudes The first one is an Astropath, the middle one is an Officer of the Fleet (which is along the lines I was getting my imagery from also) and the last one is the Master of Ordinance.

I haven't been able to stop thinking about this all day. What do you guys think?

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