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Originally Posted by Animeisha View Post
Wow, such impressive pics/stories in this thread! Excellent fit-spiration. XD

I myself have lost about 110 pounds since early 2009.

At my highest recorded weight (it probably was higher around the holidays but I was avoiding scales for obvious reasons), I was 243 in January of 2009, and I'm only 5'5". ><

I'm now around 130 pounds, and trying to swap the last of the excess chub for muscle, which I already have a lot of in my legs especially because the bulk of the weight was lost running on a treadmill. My legs are a lot bigger than I'd like, as are my hips and butt. I'm aiming for a more slender, lean body type, but the last of the pounds are stubborn and I've been set back by recurrent health problems that prevent me from doing strenuous exercise.

I don't have any really good before and after pics, but you can get an idea from these:

Before- taken in January 2009 at Ohayocon (I'm on the far right in purple):

After- me as Gary Oak at Dragoncon 2010, last month:

a close-up, you can really tell a difference in my face:

I typically wear guys clothing, and I'm a size 28 in mens pants, but in womens sizes, I went from a size 20 to a size 6. My goal is to trim up my legs/hips/butt by the end of January to make a convincing Kiba from Wolf's Rain. That boy is ridiculously skinny, so it's a hard goal, but I'm fairly confident I can do it. I have an elliptical machine now, so wish me luck!
Impressive work! Great job on working towards your goal. I'm sure others will find inspiration from you.
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