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Originally Posted by FYDave View Post
Very good story indeed and I'm sure many people will find your story to give them further motivation to achieve their goals. I'm actually quite impressed.

Keep it up.
Originally Posted by therob127 View Post
Impressive work! Great job on working towards your goal. I'm sure others will find inspiration from you.

Thanks! I'd like to think my results could be encouraging to others. I know when I was starting out the numbers seemed daunting. If you've got 100+ pounds to lose it can seem so unlikely that you'll ever be small, but I'm proof that if you want something enough, you'll get it. XD

I actually took some underwear pics, but I'm too chickenshit to post them just yet. Maybe once I've got some further progress shots to put them against, haha.

Cool thread though, I'll keep an eye on it and other Fitness board threads.
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