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I heard the combination of the two events was a way to ease out of the NYAF because it's closing next year (I could be wrong, this was thorugh word of mouth at the con) but honestly, the comedian Uncle Yo said ti the best... they squeezed all the anime into a corner they dubbed the 'cult yard' and out of the whole open floor it was about five and a half rows worth of anime stuff and the rest were comics. It made me sad that there was so little

Either way, I had a ton of fun still running into people in cosplay and taking pictures/having my picture takes and all that. It was such a good time I just wished that all the anime cosplayers weren't crammed into the basement level.. If Animefest is really over starting next year, I'll probably be heading to ICon over ComicCon.

Does anybody have any suggestions of other good cons in the NY area?
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