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The cosplay was awesome, the days were fun.
I did enjoy some of the comic stuff, but saturday was WAY too crowded. If they were going to combine them, put the stuff in different rooms or something. Since it was all the comic and anime fans, we had less than half as many anime dealers, the anime artist alley was shoved off in another floor, there were six times as many people there on saturday than I've ever seen in my life and it was horribly uncomfortable to move around, and smelly and sweaty sometimes. The vendors that were there were great and diverse and very pleasant. But I think the number of people in the con was a complete fire hazard, like fighting through a zombie apocalypse, everyone was panicked and pushing each other.

We were like the unwanted stepchild of comic con, and if they were going to combine them, they could have done a lot better job than blatantly sticking us all in the BACK CORNER where we had to fight tooth and nail through the comic fans just to get to the stuff we wanted to see.

All in all, I had a great time with cosplay and friends and I bought some good stuff. I loved the K-POP vendor!
I just wish that it had been either more separated, or combined in a way that didn't look like the anime fans were totally unwanted. I don't know that I would ever go on Saturday again if it's combined next year.
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