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As a fan of both comics and anime (but probably mostly comics), I was STILL very disappointed in NYAF/NYCC. It was so crowded on Saturday that me and my group of friends really didn't get to do much that they had available (or simply didn't want to, at that point). In theory, combining the two was a good idea...but it clearly didn't work out as well as it sounded. I went to the convention like, "Omgz...I get to have BOTH comics and anime!?!?" and left like, "Why did I spend almost 50 on this crapola!?!?"

Me and my friends winded up leaving early because we couldn't really take it anymore. I didn't get any satisfaction out of it other than seeing the interesting cosplays and walking around in cosplay. And yes, I did notice that it was more comics/non-anime related than anything...not saying that it bothered me, but I can see why it would bother others.
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