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Saturday was way too overcrowded. Ended up with heat exhaustion due to the overcrowding. Of course food prices at the JJC sucked, but that's normal. NYCC and NYAF (if it continues) need to be separate entities. and being both a comic and anime fan, finding the anime stuff jammed in a corner was disappointing. I didn't even find the Artist's Alley until late Saturday night and it was overpacked too.

(side note, thankfully it was in October and not middle of Winter: overcrowded + heat on full blast would have made things miserable)

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Come on people what did you expect? Of course comic con was going to dominate the comic fan base is hundreds of times greater than Animes. Saw plenty of great cosplays (and some not so great) and I had a great time even though I barely scratched the dealers room. I must admit that the sense of community was not as great as it is at a purely anime con like Anime Next. I think the suggestion of keeping the two cons seperate with a shared common area is a good one but then there would be complaints from the industry booths that they didn't get the exposure they wanted. Look how huge the Bandai exhibit was at Comic con compared to the tiny booth they had last year. This is turning into a big show like SDCC which I actually think is good for both the comic and anime fans. My one big disapointment was the anime artist alley, the attendees acted rather childish and rude pushing and shoving down the aisles. This didn't happen in the comic artist alley.
I think Ubisoft's "Micheal Jackson Experience" had the largest booth spot.

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